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Pest Control in Bohol

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Jansen Pest Control Bohol

Protecting Bohol Homes & Businesses from Pests

Welcome to Bohol's Premier Pest Control

At Jansen Pest Control. we specialize in providing the Bohol community with reliable and eco-friendly pest management solutions.  Our local expertise ensures your property remains pest-free

Our Local Services

*Home Pest Defense:  Customized solutions for Bohol Residences.

*Business Pest Management:  Tailored services for Bohol's diverse businesses.

*Bohol Termite Elimination:  Expert termite control within the Bohol region.

* Rodent Eradication:  Specialized strategies for Bohol's unique environment.

Why Jansen Pest Control in Bohol?

*Deep understanding of Bohol's pest challenges

*Rapid Response Team for immediate action in Bohol.

*Commitment to safety and sustainability for the Bohol community

Bohol Customer Stories

Discover why Bohol residents and business owners trust us for their pest control needs.

Get in Touch

Schedule your free Bohol-specific consultation today.    Reach us at 09178850279 or at our Hotline 0916.221.2629 or via our online contact form

Thank you for your interest at Jansen Pest Control Bohol.
To contact us please reach us via the contact form below or call our 24/7 nationwide hotline 0916.221.2629
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Jansen Pest Control Bohol


Boncales Bldg., Mansasa-Dampas Road, Brgy. Mansasa,  Tagbilaran City 6300, Bohol

Mobile: 0916.221.2629 

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Jansen Pest Control Bohol, a pest control service provider operating by virtue of applicable Philippine laws offering specialized services in the field of Pest Management & Termite Control in Bohol using the most effective yet environmentally sound pest control in Bohol methods.  

Since 2010 Jansen Pest Control Bohol Services has offered peace of mind to Tagbilaran City area residents and business owners, including in the neighboring towns of Panglao, Bohol  province. Throughout the years, we’ve been working with our customers on removing and eliminating pest populations. The only thing that changes is that our tactics and best-practice pest removal service in Bohol methodologies continue to improve.  If termites, bugs or other pests are causing a nuisance in your home, on your property or in your place of business, Jansen Pest Control Bohol can provide quick and thorough pest removal in Bohol services, including for mosquitos, termites, bed bugs, rodents and insects.


JANSEN PEST CONTROL Bohol has been providing residential and commercial pest control services in Bohol to greater Bohol region since 2010. The company is now in it's 11th year of providing pest management services in Bohol, managed and led by a Pest management Professional in Bohol with over a decade of Exterminating Expertise and has maintained its status and reputation in this industry by focusing on customer service and satisfaction. We wish to continue to earn client business and trust by rendering professional services while following the time-tested traditions of honesty, integrity and hard work that this company was founded on.  At Jansen Pest Control Bohol our goal is to restore our customers comfort in their home or business by safely and effectively removing active pest populations. In some cases, especially with rodent control in Bohol, we’ll also institute regular visits to take proactive measures to deter rats and mice and to regularly inspect for changes to the perimeter.


Service technicians at JANSEN PEST CONTROL Tagbilaran City, Bohol combine extensive training with the latest technologies to address a variety of pest control in Bohol issues while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns. We are the perfect solution to your pest problems in Bohol. We take care of pests of various origin, shapes and sizes; from termite control to bird control, and from reptile control to complete rodent control. We provide a quick and focused response and answer to your troubled queries with regards to pest control in Bohol. 

Alongside our residential pest removal services Jansen Pest Control Bohol also offers commercial pest control in Bohol assistance. If your office, warehouse or place of business is being threatened by unwanted pests it’s imperative that you get in touch with an experienced pest removal service in Bohol staff! The longer you wait to call, the more time termites, pest or rodents have to reproduce and cause an even larger headache that could impact your business operations or long-term reputation. Find out why homeowners and businesses in Bohol areas are calling Jansen Pest Control Bohol Services for innovative and guaranteed pest management solutions.

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