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Bee and Beehive Removal Service

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Are you considering trying your hand at bee removal? Attempting to remove a honeybee swarm and hive yourself can result in multiple painful stings from the worker bees. This can be especially dangerous for smaller children and those with bee allergies. For the safe removal of bee hives both large and small, call Jansen Pest Control Bee and Beehive Removal Service! We specialize in the fast removal of bee hives so you don’t have to worry about remaining honey attracting more bees, hungry insects and more.

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-Male bees cannot sting.
-Honey bees are the only insects that produce foods that humans can eat.
-Honey bees communicate through pheromones and dancing.
-Drones (male bees) exist solely to mate with queens, and die immediately after doing so.
-In search of pollen, foraging bees will fly nearly 55,000 miles to produce just one pound of honey.
-Honey bees have been around for over 150 million years.


Sometimes store bought solutions simply don’t cut it. For safe and professional bee removal services, call Jansen Pest Control! Bee and Beehive Removal Service. You’ll experience 5-star customer service from your initial phone call to the total removal of your bee problem. Don’t wait, call today! 

Our bee removal specialists have all the equipment including bee suit, smoker and repair tools for your home. Honey Bee Rescue only performs live bee removal.


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