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Soil Poisoning Termite Treatment

Anti Termite Soil Poisoning is intended to protect a building structure against future termite attacks. It is applied during the initial phase of building a structure.  Soil Poisoning is done thru blanket spraying using a pressurized power sprayer.  Recommended termiticide product is of the non-repellant variant like imidacloprid and fipronil

Pre-construction Anti Termite Soil Poisoning treatment:

1. Excavation for Foundation trenches, column pits, basement:  The bottom surface and vertical surfaces of excavation up to a height of 300 mm, should be treated using 5 liters of solution for 1 sqm area. 

The soil filling in the foundation work, columns, basements etc. should be treated using 5 liters of solution for 1 sqm of vertical surface area. 

2. Soil used in plinth filing: The topmost layer of soil used for filing in plinth needs to be treated with suitable chemical solution. It has a 50 to 75 mm deep, 150 mm c/c hole in the soil filling between the four walls.  The solution is poured into it at the rate of 5 liters per square meter area. 


3. Near the junction of walls and floor: In this way, a 30 mm wide and 30 mm deeper channel is made near the wall and floor junction in the soil, above the plinth.  This channel has a hole at 150mm c/c distance. The solution is then poured into this hole at the rate of 7.5 liters for 1m2 of vertical surface area. 

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