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It's Tick season-how to deal with ticks.

People can tolerate a lot when it comes to pests. Bees and wasps, we can deal with. Ants are a pain, but they’re pretty easy to avoid. Spiders are scary but rarely dangerous. Ticks, though? Tick control is hard to manage and that’s why they’re one of the best arguments there is to move somewhere.

At least bees, wasps, ants, and spiders help flora to grow and devour other pests that might bother us. Ticks have no such upside. Find one and you’ve got to check yourself all over to make sure there isn’t a second or a third.

Worst of all, ticks are carriers of dangerous diseases because of how they feed directly on your blood. They can easily transmit a range of diseases. For tick control Jansen pest control Philippines can help.

There’s no repellent for ticks that’s entirely effective. DEET works well for skin, while permethrin is good for going over clothes (it shouldn’t be on the skin), but neither of these guarantees deterring ticks. Obviously, wearing long pants can help somewhat, but ticks aren’t stationary. Once on a host, they’ll move around until they find a place they like. If you hire Jansen Pest Control, you would see a decrease in tick infestation immediately. Some treatment procedure involves the use of sprays and granules.

Pets will also bring back ticks, but you should always consult your veterinarian first about suitable repellents for pets. What’s good for a human may be dangerous for a dog or other pets. Ticks on dogs can affect their health just as much as humans.

Once you’ve hiked through the forest, you should check yourself for ticks by running your hands across your skin. For ticks on dogs, run your hands thoroughly through their fur, including the underside and legs. If you feel a small bump, check it out in detail. Since ticks like to move and can crawl quite well for such small insects, check everywhere, not just areas that were exposed.

If your property has a number of ticks, you need to contact Jansen Pest Control

today for tick control. Ticks are not animals we can easily co-exist with. They are a danger to you and your family’s health. Tick control is a necessity.

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